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"Understanding value is simple, but having the self-control and awareness to profit from it, is something quite different"
- Brian Nichols

Taking Charge

  • Take Charge of Your Financial Future
  • Understand How Hedge Funds Really Work
  • Determine if a Company is a Good Investment
  • Make Smarter Decisions Based on Value
  • Use Psychology to Outthink the Market
  • Avoid the Pitfalls of Emotional Investing
  • Build a Killer Portfolio for Long-Term Success

Beyond the traditional “When to buy and when to sell,” Brian Nichols digs deep into the “why” in his book, Taking Charge with Value Investing. Brian explores the psyche of the market in a way that has never been explored. Brian has compiled years of research into one book and provides detailed analysis in a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand guide that investors of all experience levels can easily follow.

Just because you understand fundamentals and know the meaning of value doesn’t mean you know how to use it to find great investments. After reading this book, you will! Brian digs incredibly deep into market behavior to explain to you why you make certain investment decisions, how we respond to the prospects of winning and losing, why we panic, why we sell, why perception isn’t always reality, and how to understand our own weaknesses so that we can correct them and make better investment decisions.

In Taking Charge With Value Investing you will learn how to identify a fundamentally cheap company. You will find an easy-to-understand explanation of fundamentals and all the metrics that are taken into account when valuing a company. You will learn about hedge funds, hidden fees, and the tools that are at your disposal that will allow for your success. You will understand the greatest myths of investing and how to use those misconceptions to your benefit.

You will find a deep connection to Brian’s book, and the reason is because he uses personal stories of failure and success as a form of teaching. Brian purposely avoids the detailed charts and Wall Street language that is used in other market-related books, and chooses to focus on explaining the market in a manner in which anyone can understand it. Because of this style, complex and difficult investment strategies, previously never discussed by Brian, will make sense to investors of any experience level. After reading Brian’s book, you will have a whole new light on investing, and will feel confident in your abilities to conquer the market and succeed regardless of market conditions.